Fuji Beach; East side’s Baby Beach

Located in Kapaa, Fuji beach is a favorite local beach for bringing your keiki when on the east side of Kauai.  Fuji Beach is also known as Baby Beach in Kapaa. This beach has a protective limestone shelf that provides a pond like shallow pool for your little ones to play in.

Furthermore,, this wading pool is perfect for those who like to bask in the sun and stay cool on a hot sunny day.  The shallow water provide Keiki with an opportunity to explore the pools for little fish and other ocean creatures. 

In addition, you may even get to spot a Hawaiian monk seal if you are lucky.  Remember that the Hawaiian monk seal is an endangered species and is protected by state law.  Please keep your distance and respect the posted signs and roped off areas when viewing.

Although Fuji beach is a great place for keiki, it is also popular for shoreline and torch fishing for locals.  It is said that the beach got its name from a kind Doctor that used to live in the area in the 1950’s. Delivering over 2,000 babies during his practice he got to know many of the locals and community members.  Hence, the beach was named after his popularity.

Although Fuji beach is not a lifeguarded beach, it is relatively safe for all ages when the tide is low.  There are restrooms and picnic tables nearby at Waipouli Beach Park.

To get to Fuji beach, take a right before the Texaco service station and drive towards the ocean.  There you will find a one way road that will lead you to the beach area. The beach is located on Moanakai Road in Kapaa.  You can also access the beach between Panihi Road and Makana Road. Parking can be found on the side of the road near the iron wood trees to your right.  Parking is limited and is on a first come first serve basis.

Once you find your parking, get your spot on the beach and enjoy. Throughout the day your keiki will see many visitors and locals. It’s a great way to meet new people and for your keiki to meet some new friends. Please respect the area by picking up your rubbish and cleaning the beach used.

In conclusion bring something to eat, some drinks and some sand toys while enjoying a nice relaxing day with your keiki.

Beach Safety

Remember to follow the beach safety guidelines, check surf and weather reports for current conditions, and observe posted signage.  Keep a constant watch on keiki who are playing in or around the water.  Never leave children unattended.  Small children should wear safety floatation devices unless they are avid swimmers and are being closely supervised.  

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