Waimea State Recreation Pier

Historical Landmark

On the sunny west side of Kauai you will find a spectacular place to stop at the Waimea State Recreation Pier.  The pier stretches out into the Pacific Ocean offering views of Niihau, Kekaha Small Boat Harbor and the Waimea Coastal line. Originally built in 1865, the pier was once used during the nineteenth century as one of the main boat landings.  It was used by whaling ships for exporting raw sugar, cattle, oranges, taro, sweet potatoes, yams, rice and goats.  It was also used to serve local fishing boats. Waimea pier was a popular hangout spot after pau hana during the sunset.  

Black sand beach provides fun for all ages

The Pier is now used for pole fishing and crabbing.  It provides great access for deeper waters, shade, and pole holders along the side of the pier.  There are facilities near the pier. These include restrooms,  picnic tables, a paved parking lot and a little park. This area  is a great place to take a walk on the stretch of black sand beach. You can also take pictures of the sunset.   The beach is also a great place for swimming and bathing in the sun as it is less crowded. Many people do not choose to swim here because the color of the water looks dirty. However, the water is safe to swim in.  The brownish water color is due to the soil and silt that comes out from the Waimea River. It is also the only black sand beach on the island of Kauai that stretches from Waimea to Kekaha.

A Family Tradition

We usually take our keiki to the landing on the weekend for pole fishing. Here our two sons have learned how to bait their line, cast their line and catch fish.  This is the same place where I learned to fish and crab growing up.  It is one of my favorite places to visit.  On some occasions when it is hot, our two boys have a lot of fun running under the pier and jumping off the side of the pier onto the sand.  A few times my older son (6 yrs old.)  jumped off the pier, but only with my permission and me being in the water to catch him.  The near shore bottom of the beach is sandy.  The depth of the water past the wooden sides of the pier is about 6-8 feet.  


When in Waimea, turn off Kaumualii Hwy (Highway 50) to 4400 Pokole Road or Moana Road. Head towards La’au Road. You will see the Waimea State Recreation Pier signage (created by Waimea High Students in 2009).  There is a paved parking lot. Additional parking is available across the street from the Public Library.

The area is the historical landmark of where Captain James Cook first landed in 1778. After fishing at the Waimea State Recreation Pier check out the Captain Cook Statue in town.  Historical information of Waimea is posted throughout Waimea town.




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