Anaina Hou Community Park

North Shore, Kilauea

Anaina Hou Community Park is located on the North Shore of Kauai in Kilauea.  Park Features include: Multiple Playground Structures, Skateboard ramp, Mini Golf and a Hiking Trail.  Anaina Hou Community Park provides fun for the family of all ages. Created by visionaries Bill and Joan Porter, Anaina Hou Community Park serves as a multipurpose space for Kauai residents.  Amenities include restrooms, picnic tables, food service and gift store.

A new playground structure boasts to be one of the best on Kauai.  Newly built towards the end of 2018, this playground structure has parts of it built by reused milk jugs.  With sustainable ideas and creativity at hand, the space is wonderful for keiki of all ages.

Playground Structure and Skate Park

Anaina Hou Community Park provides multiple playground structures that many of Kauai’s residents enjoy.  In addition, there are swings and a lot of open space to run around. The Skateboard ramp provides keiki with an opportunity to socialize and get physically active through skateboarding.  When we bring our boys to Anaina Hou Community Park, they love to run up and down the ramp. With the newly built playground structure, our boys love to play hide and seek tag with the other children at the park. 

Non-Profit Organization that Supports the Community

Anaina Hou Community Park is a nonprofit organization founded to provide a gathering space for our community.  All proceeds support the mission, programs and services provided.

18 Hole Miniature Golf Course: Kauai Mini Golf

The Anaina Hou Community Park also has a 18 hole mini golf course.  Each hole provides a representation of the different eras of Kauai’s history.  At the 18 hole mini golf course, a botanical garden teaches about native and endemic plants, endangered species and about Hawaii’s rich agricultural past and present. In addition, the water hazards, pipe shots and many other obstacles make it a fun can challenging course. Furthermore, the 18 hole mini golf course is ADA accessible.

Hours: 9:00 am -6:00 pm

Open seven days a week

Last golfer(s) taken at 5:00 pm

Rates: Adult(18 and older) $18.50; Ages 11-17 $15.00; Ages 5-10 $11.00; Ages 4 and under FREE

Kamaaina Sunday:Local residents of Kauai FREE Gold Admission every last Sunday of every month.

Wai Koa Loop Trail

Wai Koa Loop trail features a 5 mile hiking and bike path that leads to a 150 year old Stone Dam.  The scenic hike provides mountain views as you venture through farmlands, a food forest and the largest mahogany forest in the United States.

The Porter Pavilion

In addition, the Porter Pavilion provides Classroom/ Meeting Rooms for community use to host programs for keiki to kupuna. A 4,000 square foot entertainment space also provides a space where the event staff host movies, concerts, theater and community events. The Porter Pavilion is one of  the Premier covered spaces to host events on Kauai’s North Shore.

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