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When you are driving on Koloa Road coming from or heading to Koloa, have you ever wondered why all those cars are parked on the side of the road for? From passing, it looks like there are some food trucks and some people eating shave ice. But why are there are a lot of people walking in and out of the warehouse? What exactly is going on there? The answer is Warehouse 3540. A hidden gem on the Southside of Kauai, Warehouse 3540 is a creative community marketplace where there are great gifts and products made by locals on the island. It is a great stop for shopping and a great place to get those one of a kind gifts from local vendors. At Warehouse 3540 get a special gift for yourself or for the special people back home. Warehouse 3540 is a must see on the Southside of Kauai.

Don’t Judge the Book by it’s Cover: A Creative Space Indeed

It was a surprise going into the warehouse as I never knew that the Warehouse was transformed. Yeah I heard stories about how cool and hip this place was, but I didn’t realize how cool it was until actually going in.  As a local, my first thought was that it was an abandon space and people were going to be selling stuff, like a garage sale or something.  Not only was I caught by surprise with the numerous pop up shops and variety, I was astounded by the mix of artists, designers and up and coming entrepreneurs here on the island. One of the things that surprised me the most was the functionality of space of the warehouse and what they had done to this building that was once falling a part.  The layout of the warehouse made total sense and the marketplace theme fits perfectly into our LOCAL culture. The open floor plan of the warehouse allows for vendors to sell their local products in a casual atmosphere. Shopping here was quite peaceful and the vendors were very friendly and willing to talk story. There was a lot of space to walk around and there was a lot of items to see. It was definitely a “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” experience.

Location and Parking

Located on 3540 Koloa Road, near the intersection of Koloa Road and Iwipoo Road.  For Safe Parking for the keiki, it is recommended that you find parking in the back or directly in front of the warehouse.

Friendly and Passionate Local Vendors

I found that the vendors were very passionate about their products and were willing to share their stories of how they came up with the products they are selling and there inspirations.   There was no pressure to buy products and the vendors looked very happy to be there, engaging everyone with a smile and even posing for pictures when asked. Warehouse 3540 is definitely L.O.C.A.L (Loving Our Community And Lifestyle) and a recommendation for all visiting Kauai.

What You will Find at Warehouse 3540

Reva Canali Baby: Handmade Baby Products

Live Hawaii Gallery: Oceanic Fine Arts and Prints

Aphrodite’s Treasures: All kinds of goodies and souvenirs

West Kauai Farms

Janath Collections Kauai: Vintage Kimono Handbags, etc.

Kahanananea: Soaps and Local handmade products

Workshop: Artist studio and Storefront featuring Machine Machine, Naisish Handmade and Goofy Foot Press

IVY & CO.: Mixes Retro Hawaiana with Hip Accents

Navy Dylan: Slinging Art, Home Decor and Unique Gifts with a Purpose

Lily Koi: Exclusively Designed Pearls and Jewelry

Robin McCoy’s Fine Arts

Ocean Paper: Beautiful artwork that represent our island and lifestyle

Dark Roost Coffee: Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Espresso, Chai, Tea

Tommy’s Sharpening Service: Tom Renaltner has Knives and will sharpen cleavers, serrated knives, food processor blades, etc.

Looking for Something to Eat?

Not only is Warehouse 3540 a great stop for shopping, it is a one stop shop where you can get something to eat.  While there, you can get some food from Kickshaw’s and Kauai Poke Co.  Kickshaw’s is a family favorite which we feel everything on the menu is worth a try (The Awesome Burger is 100% Awesome). Even if just wanting to stop by for some food, these two food trucks are worth the stop at Warehouse 3540.  Not that hungry…cool off with some shave ice.

Warehouse 3540 Hours

Mondays 10:00-3:00

Tuesdays 10:00-3:00 (Storytime for Keiki 9:15am)

Wednesdays 10:00-3:00

Thursdays 10:00-3:00

Fridays 10:00-3:00 (Friday Farmers Market 10:00-2:00)

Saturdays 11:00-3:00

Sundays Closed




Ask the L.O.C.A.L.’s

Click the Fish

L.O.C.A.L.  Loving Our Community And Lifestyle ™ 




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