Kauai Mini Golf

Learn and Discover the Hawaiian Islands while playing at Kauai Mini Golf

This miniature golf course is like no other.

Whether you are looking for something recreational to do or just visiting the North Shore.  Kauai Mini Golf is a great place to take your keiki. In addition, it is a perfect stop when visiting the Kilauea Lighthouse. Open from 9:00 am to 6:00pm this Par 47 miniature golf course is ADA accessible and is fun for the whole family. Located at Anaina Hou Community Park you will find Kauai Mini Golf. Furthermore, besides the playground and the skate park, the Kauai Mini Golf is another feature that Anaina Hou provides the community.

Educational displays are provided that offer fun facts about the islands.

Each hole at Kauai Mini Golf provides an informative fact about the Hawaiian Islands and its culture.  Moreover, the themes provide an insight to Hawaii’s history providing a combination of education and recreation throughout the course. Additionally, throughout the the course, tropical plants are displayed and origins of the plants are provided.

Themes include: In the Beginning,
Journey to the islands,
Explorers in Hawaii,
Cultural diversity and Hawaiian Cultural renaissance

A great place to take pictures of the keiki

Both native and invasive plants are present in the garden, providing an insight and education to Kauai’s plant diversity. Nestled within a tropical botanical garden, the lush scenery and beautiful tropical flora creates a beautiful setting and provides a truly unique experience for both kama’aina and visitors. In addition, there are water features and a koi pond that provides a tranquil setting for those looking for a place to relax.

Fun for the Whole Family

Water hazards, pipe shots, obstacles and different slope grades make the putting style green a fun and challenging experience.  Choose your own putter and colored ball. Let the adventure begin at Kauai Mini Golf!




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