Ninini Lighthouse

Ninini Lighthouse

Ninini Lighthouse is an 86 foot tall lighthouse that overlooks Nawiliwili Bay. Off the beaten path, Ninini Lighthouse provides breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Waves crashing against the cliffs, wildlife, and mountain views are part of the scenic visit.  Furthermore, this lighthouse is often secluded with very few visitor.

The Ninini Lighthouse was built in 1906 and was automated in 1953.  It is one of the first things you see when landing on the island of Kauai by airplane.  The lighthouse looks over Nawiliwili Harbor and Kalapaki Bay.  Moreover, this vantage point provides views of the northern entrance of Nawiliwili Bay.  

You may be able to see the barges that come into the harbor. Consequently, Nawiliwili Harbor provides almost all of Kauai’s imported goods.  When visiting Kauai, it is likely that you will use an item or two that came from these docks.

Ninini Lighthouse is located near the Marriott Resort and Hokuala Resort.  If you are heading to the lighthouse take the opportunity to check out the Marriott Beach Resort grounds as well as the Hokuala Resort grounds.  Many walk able paths are open to the public.  It is a great way to get some exercise and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  If you want to go for a swim in the area, Kalapaki Beach is nearby.  Check out Kalapaki Beach on Things to Do: East side.

Ninini Lighthouse is great to visit in the late afternoon or if needing to kill some time before a flight.  Furthermore the area is great to watch airplanes descending onto the runway.  Airplanes fly low over the Ninini Lighthouse making it a great vantage point for airplane lovers.  See the image below of an airplane flying right over us!

The Ninini Lighthouse is free of charge and is accessible any time during the day. Access the lighthouse by driving through the Marriott and Hokuala Resort. After passing the Hokuala Golf Course Clubhouse, drive over the bridge.  Look for the Shoreline Access sign and turn left before the second bridge.  This will bring you to a road through the golf course to the accessible Shoreline Access.  Keep driving until you see the next posted sign that directs you to Ninini Lighthouse.  A short drive down the dirt road will take you to the lighthouse. In addition, you could also park at the Kalanipu’u resort and walk to Ninini Lighthouse. Google Maps offline mode will also get you to Ninini Lighthouse.




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