Anini Beach, Kilauea

If your keiki likes to climb and explore, Anini beach is the perfect place to take your family.  Shallow waters, a playground created by nature and picturesque views provide an experience you and your keiki will treasure.

 Our boys like to climb the huge boulders and trees and find treasures washed up on the beach.

Swimming and snorkeling is also great at Anini Beach because of the shallow waters. At waist deep for a four and six year old, Anini Beach allows them to dive under and explore the reef and sea creatures. A swimming area protected by a fringe reef is great for snorkeling for both keiki and adults as there are very little waves and no current.  Anini Beach is also great for adults who are not strong swimmers as you can go very far out without the depth of the ocean changing much. Swimming with a partner and using fins are recommended. Use of a floatation device nearby may also help if you feel you are weary due to unfamiliar ocean conditions. A long foam noodle (rather inexpensive) can be used to put under your armpits to keep you afloat and allow you to see underwater.


Although not a lifeguarded beach,  during the summer months this beach is safe for all ages.  Spend a few hours exploring this hidden gem called Anini Beach.  At Anini Beach Park you will find amenities such as restrooms, showers, picnic tables and pavilions at Anini Beach Park. Furthermore, shade can also be found here at Anini Beach as many trees hang over the waters edge or are near the ocean.  Anini beach is a popular destination for visitors as many hotels and vacation guides direct people here. In addition, it is close to many resorts on the North Shore and is a recommended beach for snorkeling. 

Although popular, Anini Beach spans along a long stretch of beach where you can find your own piece of paradise.  Even Though Anini Beach Park may be crowded, drive further down the road to find a place to enjoy with your keiki. We usually drive into the residential and vacation rental areas pass the park and down a dirt road. However, heed caution to potholes, oncoming vehicles and narrow roads. Many who are L.O.C.A.L (Loving Our Community And Lifestyle) come to enjoy a nice relaxing day with their keiki.  

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Beach Safety

Remember to follow the beach safety guidelines, check surf and weather reports for current conditions, and observe posted signage.  Keep a constant watch on keiki who are playing in or around the water.  Never leave children unattended.  Small children should wear safety floatation devices unless they are avid swimmers and are being closely supervised.  

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