Kekaha Gardens Kaleimanu Park, Kekaha

Watermarked25(2017-08-20-2025)Kaleimanu Park is a family favorite.  It boasts to be the western most playground in the Kauai county which means it is the westernmost playground in the United States! It is located off of Kaumualii Highway near the end of Ulili Road in the Kekaha Gardens subdivision.  This park is beautifully landscaped, full of plumeria trees and open space.  There are picnic areas, a restroom, basketball courts, and a baseball feild.  There is plenty parking spaces. The playground area for the keiki consists of climbing structures, swings, and a slide.  It is completely fenced in.  This stop would be a perfect stop on the way back from a Westside beach or after visiting Kokee.

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Kaleimanu Park is located in the Kekaha Gardens Subdivision.  One of Kauai’s newest playgrounds, this park provides keiki with an opportunity to play in a clean safe environment.  Furthermore, Kaleimanu park is busy during the late afternoons with various practices for community sports and keiki exerting energy before dinner and bedtime.  Frequently many L.O.C.A.L will come to the park so that the keiki can get active and socialize.  

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