50 Fun Facts about the Garden Island of Kauai

Did you know?

  1. Kauai is also known as “The Garden Island”

  2. Kauai’s weather ranges from 75-85 with not much change in season or from day to night

  3. Ocean temperatures range from 60 to 80 degrees

  4. Kauai’s coastline is 111 miles; it has more accessible beaches than any of the other Hawaiian islands.

  5. Kauai’s West Side Kekaha beach spans to Polihale and is the longest stretch of beach in the State of Hawaii

  6. The islands that you can see from the westside of  Kauai is Niihau, Lehua and Ka’ula

  7. Over 90% of the land on Kauai is used for Conservation and Agriculture

  8. 70% of the island is inaccessible by foot

  9. Kauai is the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain

  10. Kauai is the 4th largest island

  11. Kauai is the northernmost island in the Hawaiian Island Chain

  12. Kauai is 552 square miles; with a diameter of 32 miles and a widepoint of only 25 miles

  13. Kauai’s Mt. Waialeale is the Wettest spot on Earth, averaging 450 inches of rain per year

  14. Kauai has more rivers than any of the other Hawaiian islands:

  15. Kauai has the only navigable rivers in the state and the longest river is Wailua river at 19.2 miles

  16. There are eight major waterfalls on the island

  17. The highest waterfall on Kauai is Waipoo in Waimea Canyon falling 800 feet

  18. Kauai’s highest mountain is Kawaikini peak at 5,243 feet

  19. The Na Pali Cliffs reach heights of 2,500 feet

  20. Waimea Canyon is approximately one mile wide, 3,600 feet deep and ten miles in length.

  21. There are over 5,000 plants and animals that live on the reefs of Kauai

  22. Kauai has the largest protected population of nene goose (Hawaii’s state bird)

  23. The two native mammals on Kauai and endemic to the Hawaiian islands is the hawaiian hoary bat and the hawaiian monk seal.

  24. Chickens run wild on Kauai after Hurricane Iniki destroyed many of the farmers Chicken coops and got loose.  The chicken is the unofficial bird of Kauai as you see them all over the island.

  25. Kauai has no native land reptiles or amphibians and one of the only islands that do not have mongoose.

  26. There are more pigs than people

  27. Most populated  town on Kauai is Kapaa

  28. Kauai has over 1 million visitors a year; ⅓ of the people on Kauai are tourists or visitors

  29. Captain James Cook was the first modern visitor that landed on Kauai’s Waimea beach on January 19, 1778

  30. Kauai is the home of the legendary Menehune.  Two places to visit on the island to see the menehunes work is the Menehune ditch next to the Waimea Swinging Bridge in Waimea Valley as well as the Menehune Fish Pond located near Nawiliwili.

  31. Kauai Coffee is the largest plantation in the United States

  32. Kauai grows more taro than any other island

  33. Products of Kauai include: Coffee, fruit, vegetables, taro, beef and hawaiian salt

  34. There are no buildings higher than a coconut palm tree.  Kauai’s building code has a four story limit on vertical construction.

  35. There have been over 60 movies filmed on the island with popular movies: Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, 6 days 7 nights, Fantasy Island and Indiana Jones to name a few.

  36. There are nine golf courses at seven locations on Kauai.  Four public courses, four resort courses and one private course.

  37. You cannot drive around the island; Na Pali Cliffs and Waimea Canyon make it nearly impossible to build a road to connect West and North shores

  38. Polihale is the furthest west that you can drive on the island; the end of Highway 50 is before the sugar cane dirt road to Polihale

  39. Maluhia Road Tree Tunnel that goes to Koloa and Poipu has 500 eucalyptus trees that stretch for three miles

  40. Most Locals will say Kaumualii Highway instead of Highway 50; Also when getting directions most will use landmarks (i.e To get to baby beach in Kapaa, when you see the Shrimp Station, turn right by the Texaco.  Go straight until you see the one way road).

  41. Moku and Ahupuaa signs are placed around Kauai noting cultural land divisions that were used as part of the history and culture of Kauai and Niihau.  Check out the link for more information:  www.kauainuikuapapa.com

  42. Kauai’s watershed is an important resource to the daily lives of the people and is the main reason for Kauai’s natural beauty.  http://hawp.org/why-watersheds-matter/

  43. The capital city of Kauai is Lihue.  The main airport is Lihue Airport (LIH).

  44. The currency used is US dollars, credit cards are widely accepted and travelers checks are also accepted at many businesses.

  45. The main language used is English.  A hawaiian creole english  “pidgin english” is used by most locals.  http://e-hawaii.com/?s=pidgin+english

  46. The color of Kauai is purple

  47. Kauai’s official flower is the Mokihana which is a green berry found in the forests

  48. The area code of Kauai and all the Hawaiian islands is (808)

  49. There is no daylight savings time in Hawaii

  50. Two hurricanes have made landfall on Kauai.  Hurricane Iwa in 1982 (Category 1) and Hurricane Iniki in 1992 (Category 4)

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