Isenberg Park, Lihue

Isenberg Park

Isenberg Park is located in Lihue. The park offers a play structure, facilities including a picnic area, restrooms and a lot of open space.

Open Space

Besides the play structure, the park has a baseball field, football field and basketball courts.

Play Structure

When running errands in the Lihue area, we take our boys to Isenberg Park. As a result, the boys get a chance to run around and get some energy out before going home.

Facilities: Restroom and Picnic Area

Although it is a public park, the facilities and park are very clean and well kept.

Make New Friends

Furthermore, Isenberg park is a great place for our kids to socialize with other children.  The park is usually busy with community activities. Practices for baseball, cheer, football and basketball occur year round.  Therefore it makes this park a great place for our kids to visit when in Lihue.


Isenberg Park is located at 4598 Noi Road.  Turn on the road where you see the AT&T store and the road will take you to the park.

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