Makauwahi Cave Reserve

On a property that belongs to Grove Farm Company, you will find a park that was created by Dr. David and Lida Pigott Burney.  This 17 acre park is open for free guided tours daily from 10:00 am -2:00 pm and on Sundays from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm. Led by Reserve Caretaker Joe Kanahele tour guides Linda Kosen, Deborah Flynn, Jerry Keesee, Keakalina Lindsay and with the aid of hundreds of volunteers, the Makauwahi Cave Preserve invites visitors to learn about Hawaii’s rarest creatures, extinct creatures, lost landscapes and ancient Hawaiian culture.  It has been voted one of the 20 best caves in the U.S.

Walk on the sediments that spanned over 10,000 years  ago and learn about the many changes that this area has gone through over time.  The fossil-bearing layers record floods, droughts, a tsunami, hurricanes, and the living and dying of a host of island plant and and animal species in the area. The cave is a huge fossil formed over 400,000 years. The once ancient sand dune turned into stone is a world class site for studying changes in past environments. Created by wind, natural water flowing and condensation over thousands of years, the cave showcases remarkable formations on the ceilings and walls.

In the low maze like passages of the cave where there is total darkness, many rare creatures such as blind invertebrates, pale amphipods and isopods, and eyeless cave spiders make their home.  Many of the areas are off limits to the public out of respect for Hawaiian traditions and to avoid stepping on the rare blind cave organisms that live there.

A freshwater lake can be found in this limestone cave. In this ancient lake preserved fossils tell us a lot about the past and provide an insight to the changes that happened over the years to the prehistoric landscape.

High cave ceilings with limestone stalactites and a natural archway lead to the green interior of a huge sinkhole.  The sinkhole is a natural amphitheatre carved by groundwater and eroded by the elements.

In 1999 Restoration efforts of Makauwahi Cave Reserve began to bring back native plants to the area.  Since that time, nearly 5,000 native and Polynesian plants have been reintroduced to this landscape by using the fossil record as a guide to plant choices. With the help of volunteers, students and staff, many of the scarce species of plants have been planted here and the seeds and cuttings are also used for other native plant restorations around the island.  Through generous donations and efforts to protect and restore this special place, the Makauwahi Cave Reserve is a must see for visitors of all ages when on the island of Kauai.

All information in this post comes from the brochures and website provided by Makauwahi Cave Reserve.    The information being shared is being used to highlight one of Kauai’s exclusive Visitors Attraction for kids to Learn and Discover Kauai’s Past and Present.   For more detailed information visit 

We encourage visitors to donate to the Makauwahi Cave Reserve and their restoration efforts.

Note: Maha’ulepu Road is closed and parking is at the CJM Stables where it is a ten minute walk to your destination.

Makauwahi Cave Trail

When visiting Makauwahi Cave Trail there are 19 posts along the trail

  1. Makauwahi Cave Reserve
  2. Pila’s Point
  3. Offshore Excitement
  4. On top of the Cave
  5. Native “Rock Garden” Plants
  6. Rare Dry Forest Habitat
  7. Rim Trail
  8. View From Cliff
  9. Haole Koa and other invaders
  10. Hawane or Loulu Palm
  11. Restoration History
  12. Sinkhole Overlook
  13. “Soft” Restoration
  14. Trail Junction
  15. North Cave Entrance
  16. Milo Patch
  17. Estuary
  18. View of Haupu Ridge
  19. Lida’s Field of Dreams




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Farmer’s Markets/Mom and Pop Stores on Kauai


Many Hotels and Resorts provide food service and there are many restaurants nearby, however you don’t want to blow your whole budget on just food especially when prices are pretty steep. When visiting Kauai, many people are not familiar with the island, it’s culture, it’s people and where people shop for food. Whether you are visiting or a L.O.C.A.L on Kauai, eating out can be quite costly.  Therefore, many opt to cook their own meals and find ways to manage their budget by looking for cheap eats. Kauai has Supermarkets such as Safeway, Foodland, Big Save and Costco.  But what other options are there that many of the Locals choose besides these big box stores? What can you do for food options that support L.O.C.A.L farmers and families? Where can you go to find unique Local cuisine, tropical fruits of the island and fresh vegetables?   The answer is Farmer’s Markets and Local Mom and Pop Stores. On Kauai, you can find a Farmer’s Market  everyday of the week. In addition, you can find many of the Local Favorites at Mom and Pop Stores across the island.  Checking these places out and choosing to Eat L.O.C.A.L will definitely enhance your experience while visiting Kauai!

Farmer’s Markets on Kauai

Hanapepe Park (Hanapepe) Westside

> Thursday at 3:00 pm

Kekaha Neighborhood Center (Kekaha) Westside

> Saturday at 9:00 am

Koloa/ Knudsen Ball Park (Koloa) Southside

> Mondays at Noon-1:30 pm

Kalaheo Neighborhood Center (Kalaheo) Southside

> Tuesday at 3:00 pm

Southside Visitors Center,Poipu (NTBG)

>Thursday 10:00am-2:00pm

The Shops at Kukuiula (Poipu) Southside

> Wednesday at 3:30 pm

Kauai Community College Farmers Market (Lihue) Eastside

> Saturdays from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Lihue Historic County Building (Front Lawn Area off Rice Street)

> 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Kukui Grove Shopping Center Farmers Market (Lihue) Eastside

> Monday at 3:00 pm

Vidhina Stadium (Lihue) Eastside

> Friday at 3:00 pm

Kapaa New Town Park (Kapaa) Eastside

> Wednesday at 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm

Kealia Farmers Market (Kapaa) Eastside

> Monday from 3:00 pm-7:00 pm

Kilauea Neighborhood Center (Kilauea) Northside

>Thursday at 3:30 pm

Kilauea Agricultural Center (Lighthouse Road) Northside

>Thursday at 3:30 pm-5:00 pm

Hanalei Farmers Market (Hanalei)Northside

>Saturday at 9:30 am

Waipa Farmers Market

>Tuesday at 1:30 pm

Mom and Pop Stores

The list of stores are places where many Locals can find quick snacks such as musubi, plate lunches and refreshments. We like to stop at these places before heading to the beach or when cruising around these parts of the island.  Some of these places are favorites for Locals to get specialty items such as raw fish (poke) as well as poi, taro or island grown beef, pork and chicken as well as fresh fish.  

Ishihara Market (Waimea) Westside

> Local Favorite

Thrifty Mart (Kekaha) Westside

Thrifty Mart (Kaumakani) Westside

Menehune Food Mart (Kekaha) Westside

Whalers General Store (Poipu) Southside

Koloa Fish Market (Koloa) Southside

> Local Favorite

Sueoka Market (Koloa) Southside

> Local Favorite

Kukuiula Market (Poipu) Southside

> Local Favorite

Pono Market (Kapaa) Eastside

> Local Favorite

Whalers General Store (Anahola) Northside

Whole Food Stores and Natural Markets

Organic and Whole Foods Stores (LOCAL grown products)

Living Foods (Koloa) Southside

Hoku Food Natural Market (Kapaa) Eastside

Papaya’s Natural Foods (Kapaa) Eastside

Healthy Hut Market (Kilauea) Northside

Harvest Market Hanalei (Hanalei) Northside




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The Hungry Menehune Food Truck

About The Hungry Menuhune

Aloha! The Hungry Menehune is a Food Truck that is locally owned.  The owner grew up in Waimea Valley and is a proud alumni of the Waimea High School Menehunes.  Growing up in Hawaii he has experienced a diverse array of cooking styles and had the chance to taste a lot of amazing foods from different cultures. He uses the dishes and ingredients from the different ethnicities to create his own versions of fusion foods.  The fusion food creations at the Hungry Menehune is “local food” created by the owner and hopes all enjoy the unique tastes.

The owner of The Hungry Menehune’s goal is to give a little something back to the island that was so good to his upbringing and to support as many local businesses as he can to prepare his own dishes.  The fish served at The Hungry Menehune Food Truck comes from local Kauai and neighbor island fishermen. He does not use previously frozen fish or fish from other countries.

Open Wednesday-Friday from 11:00 am- 3:00 pm @ Kekaha Boat Harbor

Phone orders 808-661-7676

Something to Taco bout (Choice of Corn or Flour Tortilla for Tacos)

Brunch Taco…$4.50

Soft scrambled eggs with chorizo sausage, topped with mexican cheese blend and sriracha-cream sauce

Fresh Fish Taco… $4.75

Grilled fresh catch seasoned with salt and pepper. Served with shredded cabbage mix and garlic-lime-cilantro cream sauce.

Kalua Pork Tacos… $4.50

Shredded Kalua Pork topped with pineapple coleslaw and fresh cilantro.  Served with Garlic-lime-cilantro cream sauce.

Bahn Mi Style Taco… $4.75

Crispy Pork Belly Chopped and served with fresh cilantro and pickled asian style veggies with hoisin drizzle.

Lighter Choices

The Healthy Menehune…$12.00

Furikake crusted fresh catch pane seared and placed on top of soba noodles and mixed greens.  Garnished with edamame, cucumbers, green onions and shredded carrots. Dressings: Sweet Wasabi soy or Menehune special sweet onion.

The “Faceless” Option…$9.00

The “Healthy Menehune” but with firm tofu instead of fish.  Dressings: Sweet Wasabi soy or Menehune special sweet onion.


Fresh Caught Ahi Poke Bowls… $12.00

(Served with choice of sushi rice, hot rice or mixed greens)

  1. “Karai” (Spicy)- mixed with cucumber, tobiko and green onions.
  2. “Hawaiian”- Hawaiian salt, green onions, limu kohu (red sesame) and inamona (roasted kukui nut), tossed in sesame oil.


Menehune Fish Pond (Build Your Own Poke Bowl)…$14.00

(Served with choice of sushi rice, hot rice or mixed greens)

Pick one sauce and any four toppings. ($0.50 each additional topping)

Add Side Kalua Pig for $2.00


Choice of Sauces:


Sweet Soy

Sesame Oil

Creamy Wasabi


Choice of Toppings:

Sweet onion, Green onion, Hawaiian Salt, inamona, limu kohu, furikake flakes, edamame, pickled ginger, cucumbers, kimchi, potato crab mac, tofu, tobiko, seaweed salad or imitation crab salad

Da Plate Lunches

Hawaiian Chili-Pepper Chicken…$12.00

Boneless chicken thighs deep fried and tossed in a secret chili pepper sauce.  Sweet, Spicy and Savory! (Choice of White rice, mixed greens, or potato mac and crab salad included in plate lunch.)

Deep Fried Pork Belly…$13.00

Dry Brined, Braised and finished off in the deep fryer.  Served with Hoisin dipping sauce or soy vinegar sauce with fresh tomato, onion and garlic. (Choice of White rice, mixed greens, or potato mac and crab salad included in plate lunch.)

Grilled “Fresh Catch of the Day”…$14.00

Grilled fresh catch seasoned with salt and pepper, served with house tartar sauce and a lemon wedge. (Choice of White rice, mixed greens, or potato mac and crab salad included in plate lunch.)

Hawaiian Style Kalua Pig…$11.00

Pork seasoned with Hawaiian sea salt and slowly braised. (Choice of White rice, mixed greens, or potato mac and crab salad included in plate lunch.)

For the “Mini-Hunes”…$8.50

Mini portion plate lunch and choice of any two sides. (White rice, mixed greens, or potato mac and crab salad)

Side Orders:

Garlic Pork belly fried rice…$2.00

Scoop of any style poke…$3.00

Da Menehune Moco…$13.50

Kalua Pig piled on 2 scoops of our garlic pork belly fried rice.  Topped with 2 eggs, sauteed onions and brown gravy. Choice of mac salad or mixed greens on side.

Don’t Forget to ask for special “Ahi Assassins Fish Dip”.

Open Wednesday-Friday from 11:00 am- 3:00 pm @ Kekaha Boat Harbor

Phone orders 808-661-7676




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Kauai Mini Golf

Learn and Discover the Hawaiian Islands while playing at Kauai Mini Golf

This miniature golf course is like no other.

Whether you are looking for something recreational to do or just visiting the North Shore.  Kauai Mini Golf is a great place to take your keiki. In addition, it is a perfect stop when visiting the Kilauea Lighthouse. Open from 9:00 am to 6:00pm this Par 47 miniature golf course is ADA accessible and is fun for the whole family. Located at Anaina Hou Community Park you will find Kauai Mini Golf. Furthermore, besides the playground and the skate park, the Kauai Mini Golf is another feature that Anaina Hou provides the community.

Educational displays are provided that offer fun facts about the islands.

Each hole at Kauai Mini Golf provides an informative fact about the Hawaiian Islands and its culture.  Moreover, the themes provide an insight to Hawaii’s history providing a combination of education and recreation throughout the course. Additionally, throughout the the course, tropical plants are displayed and origins of the plants are provided.

Themes include: In the Beginning,
Journey to the islands,
Explorers in Hawaii,
Cultural diversity and Hawaiian Cultural renaissance

A great place to take pictures of the keiki

Both native and invasive plants are present in the garden, providing an insight and education to Kauai’s plant diversity. Nestled within a tropical botanical garden, the lush scenery and beautiful tropical flora creates a beautiful setting and provides a truly unique experience for both kama’aina and visitors. In addition, there are water features and a koi pond that provides a tranquil setting for those looking for a place to relax.

Fun for the Whole Family

Water hazards, pipe shots, obstacles and different slope grades make the putting style green a fun and challenging experience.  Choose your own putter and colored ball. Let the adventure begin at Kauai Mini Golf!




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