Hanapepe Swinging Bridge

There are three bridges that you can cross in Hanapepe, however the most famous bridge to walk across is the Historic Hanapepe Swinging Bridge.  Built in 1911 and restored after hurricane iniki in 1992, the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge is still used today as a crossing for locals and visitors.  This suspension bridge is a popular attraction on Kauai and is something that you must do while on the west side. One of two swinging bridges on the westside (the other being the Waimea Swinging Bridge in Waimea Valley), the Hanapepe Swinging bridge is easy to access and there is ample parking.  In the heart of Hanapepe town, the swinging bridge is near many art galleries,boutiques and food establishments that make it an excellent place to stop and visit. Furthermore, the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge provides spectacular views of the Hanapepe cliffs as well as the Hanapepe Valley.

On the western side of the bridge, Hanapepe Valley is a residential areas where many locals live.  It is therefore important to respect the area and understand that the bridge is used not only as an attraction, but for residents to cross over.  On the western side of the bridge, there is also an art gallery that you can visit.

Hanapepe Swinging Bridge is a great place to visit when you are attending the Art Night in Hanapepe town that is held every Friday evening.  Food trucks, live entertainment and local stores provide plenty of great memories for you and your keiki. There is also a playground, basketball courts and restrooms nearby for your kids to run around if necessary.  The Hanapepe Swinging Bridge is a great place to take your keiki as they are able to walk across one of five of Kauai’s rivers. Although a little intimidating, the bridge is rather safe and many have crossed the bridge over the years.  However it is important that adults and keiki keep to walking in the middle of the bridge and not lean on the wired fencing. It is inevitable that someone will fall into the shallow waters of the river and is not a hundred percent that the wired protective fencing is durable and has not weathered over time.

When we visit Hanapepe Swinging Bridge, we usually come during the Hanapepe Art Night or when we are taking visitors on a tour.  Our boys love visiting the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge over and over again. They enjoy walking down the side of the river banks and throwing rocks into the water.  They love running down the grassy steep hills. They also enjoy walking through the town and looking at the many little stores and galleries. Overall, Hanapepe Swinging Bridge is a must do when traveling towards the westside of Kauai as it is easily accessible  and can make for a short detour. Kauai’s Biggest Little Town of Hanapepe has definitely come alive throughout the years and it is important for those visiting to be L.O.C.A.L (Loving Our Community And Lifestyle) in Hanapepe.





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