Ke’e Beach

Due to the flooding in April 2018, the roads are closed past Hanalei towns.  The furthest that you could drive is just past Hanalei School where you will find a “Road Closed” sign. This will cause you to detour towards the beach access to Wai’oli Beach Park.  Access to North Shore attractions such as the Maniniholo Dry Caves, Haena Beach Park, Limahuli Garden and Ke’e Beach are not accessible to the public.  You will need a special permit to drive past the “Road Closed” sign.

Ke'e Beach: The End of the Road

Ke’e Beach is located at the end of the road on Kauai’s North Shore.  Ke’e beach is a lifeguarded beach that has a reef protecting a lagoon for snorkeling during the summer months. However, during the winter months, the beach is not safe for keiki due to the large surf and ocean currents.  Furthermore, Ke’e beach is one of the most visited beach on Kauai.  Because of this, making an early start for this day trip is recommended.  

There are facilities such as restrooms and showers. However, there are no picnic areas and no self phone service.  In addition the nearest store for drinks and snacks is miles away.  Wainiha General Store is the last place to get ice cold drinks and snacks.  Therefore, it is recommended that you bring your own snacks and drinks.

Restroom and Showers

Gateway to the Na Pali Coast

Many people come to the area because it is a gateway to the Na Pali Coast. Furthermore, Ke’e beach is the furthest you can drive by car on the North Shore.  Making it a prime location to park your car. Ke’e beach is where the head of the famous 11-mile Kalalau Trail begins.

Besides the Kalalau Trail, the Hanakapiai Falls trail and shorter trails also start at the end of the road.  For four year olds and older, a short hike to the Coast Viewpoint (.5 mile) is something you can do.


Parking at the end of the road can sometimes be hectic due to the amount of traffic.  Furthermore, parking is usually taken in the morning by hikers visiting the trails.  Consequently, many find themselves having to park in the overflow lot down the road.  Ke’e Beach Overflow parking is quite a ways from the beach and trail.  Therefore it is recommended that you drop off your belongings and children before turning around.

Beautiful and Scenic Drive

The drive is about 40 miles from Lihue and will take roughly an hour to drive.  Heading toward Hanalei town take Route 560.   Hanalei to Ke’e Beach is a nine mile trip one way.  In addition, you will drive over seven bridges on your way to Ke’e Beach. Local courtesy of letting 5-7 cars cross before switching directions is implemented.  Furthermore, the famous double bridge over the Wainiha River let’s you know that you are getting close.

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