Wailua Falls

Scenic Drive to Reach Your Destination

The Wailua Falls is located near Lihue, nestled 4 miles in. Turn on to Maalo Road off Highway 580.  Continue driving until you find your destination.  The road to the waterfall is a very scenic drive of Kauai’s countryside.  You will pass a couple of cemeteries.  You will also pass Grove Farm land, nurseries, and family ranches.  When you see the Reis Family Ranch gate and pass through a little tunnel, you know that you are getting very close.  

The 85 foot waterfall can be seen at a lookout with a short drive through some of the backcountry of Kauai.  It is important to know that the waterfall is at a dead end of the road.  There are no outlets.  This means that traffic and parking can be a concern with the limited space.  Be prepared to wait a while for an open parking space. Also, expect a crowd.  

Iconic Double-tiered Waterfall

The waterfall itself is worth the 4 mile drive in.  It is the best and closest view of a waterfall that you can get without going on a hike, kayak ride, or spending extra money to go on a tour.  Easily accessible to all visitors, this waterfall has been a landmark on Kauai since becoming popular by shows such as Fantasy Island in the 70’s.  It is an iconic symbol of the Garden Island’s lush beauty.  Since the show aired, many people flocked to get a chance to see this amazing double-tiered waterfall that feeds into the Wailua River.  It is here, that many people get a chance to listen to the power of the running water. This brings a sense of calmness and relaxation.  The natural scene reminds you that you are indeed in paradise.

Patience is a Virtue

Remember that when visiting Wailua Falls you are on vacation and in no rush to get anywhere.  Be patient if there is a wait and be friendly and kind to others who are enjoying the same thing you are.  You will definitely get that perfect shot of the waterfall you are looking for.  If you are lucky, you may even catch a rainbow on the waterfall that can sometimes extend out from the baseline of the falls in the mist.  

Stay Safe

Please follow all posted signs near the Falls to keep you and your family from danger.  Please watch over keiki as this is a busy road with many cars going in and out of the parking lot. Also, note that the railing is well protected. Howeve,r your child should not climb the rock wall to prevent any serious injury.

It also should be noted that there are hiking trails that can take you to the bottom of the falls where you can swim in the 30 foot pool. However it is not recommended by us or county officials as it can be dangerous and life threatening with the ever changing weather conditions, muddy trails, and steepness of the trails.




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