Poipu Beach Park Playground

A Playground at the Beach

On the sunny south side of Kauai, Poipu Beach Park offers keiki a great place to play.   Ranked among one of the 10 best beaches, Poipu Beach Park provides keiki with a play structure, plenty of open space to run around and a shallow swimming area.  Furthermore, Poipu Beach Park Playground is the newest playground structure built on the island of Kauai.

Welcome to a Biba Playground

In addition, the new playground structure is a “Biba” Playground. The Biba app is a Free downloadable App on Google play and Available on the Apple App Store.  This App includes games that keiki can play. Games include Biba Drive, Biba Relay, Biba Collectobots, Biba Butterfly Bounty and Biba Dino Dig. Exclusive to the playground structure, the Biba App enhances the playground experience at Poipu Beach Park.

Playground Open for Play in February 2018

The upgraded playground structure has definitely been a long wait coming for locals, as the area remained vacant for quite some time.  In addition, the updated playground structure is also accompanied by newly renovated restrooms nearby. These renovations have made Poipu Beach Park one of the best places to take keiki and has rejuvenated the area because of the improvements.

Renovations leads to Rejuvenation

Besides the Playground and Restroom renovations, ironwood trees and other trees in the grassy park were also cut and trimmed. The landscape provides a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and still provides shade in the area for hot sunny days.  Furthermore, shade can be found along the ironwood trees near the beach, picnic tables under coconut trees and shaded pavilions provide the extra comfort.

Lifeguards Provide Safety for All

Although a Poipu Beach Park can get crowded, lifeguard stands on the beach have made Poipu Beach Park safer for keiki and adults.  The lifeguard stand centering the beach has now moved closer to the kiddie area. An additional lifeguard stand was added to the western end of the beach towards Waiohai Beach Resort.  The additional lifeguard stand on the western end provides beach safety for those crossing to the island near Nukumoi Point and for those swimming at Waiohai Beach.

Kauai’s Most Popular Hang out on the South Side

Poipu Beach Park is a favorite place for parties, community events as well as for family activities.  The most popular beach on the South Side of Kauai, Poipu Beach Park is a central meeting place and hangout.  Those who are L.O.C.A.L flock to the south shore for great surf during the summer months. The Sunny South Side has many amenities and accommodations nearby Poipu Beach Park.  Brennecke’s Restaurant and Deli provide snacks, drinks and food. Nukumoi surf Company is also nearby, selling and renting beach gear and equipment.

Parking and Shopping Nearby

Poipu Beach Park has an expansive parking area that can be found near the Waiohai Resort, next to Brennecke’s Restaurant and Deli as well as next to Brennecke’s beach. Although crowded during any time and any day of the week, patience is the best solution for finding a parking near to the beach.  In addition, if Poipu Beach Park is crowded head to the nearest shopping area down the road. Poipu Shopping Village is a great place to kill some time before going back for better parking. Moreover, Restaurants and stores can be found in the Shopping Village. In addition, this is also a great stop to get snacks and drinks at Whalers General Store. Starbuck’s is also located in the Shopping Village.

Beach Safety

Remember to follow the beach safety guidelines, check surf and weather reports for current conditions, and observe posted signage.  Keep a constant watch on keiki who are playing in or around the water.  Never leave children unattended.  Small children should wear safety floatation devices unless they are avid swimmers and are being closely supervised.  




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