October Community Events on the Westside


St. Theresa’s Trunk or Treat Family Event

An annual tradition takes place at St. Theresa School each year called “Trunk or Treat”.  This fun family event is located on the campus of the westernmost Catholic school in the United States in Kekaha.

This event is continuing to grow each year offering families an opportunity to enjoy a safe night of trick or treating. Keiki are also able to play some carnival games, have a bite to eat, purchase books at the school’s book fair and enjoy a movie under the stars. There was also a photobooth and face painting.

The Trunks

Creative decorations that were all hand made by the St. Theresa School students and ohana were featured.  The decorated trunks of vehicles provided a festive atmosphere with themes that included: Stories from Eric Carle, Candyland, Trolls, Pac-man, Lego, and a ghoulish cemetery.  Games included bean bag toss, dart throw, and miniature bowling.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks were also offered at the event while families enjoyed their movie under the stars, which included: flying saucers (a Kauai favorite), saimin, hot plate lunch, and popcorn.  This event is fun for all ages and one of Kekaha’s signature events of the year.  After watching the beautiful sunset on Kekaha beach, it is the perfect family activity when visiting Kauai during the month of October.

4th Annual Harvest Festival

The 4th Annual Harvest Festival took place on Sunday, October 22, 2017.  The baseball and soccer fields at Waimea Canyon Park became a fairground for the westside community.  Big tents housed booths for community vendors and local charities.  There was fun for all ages to enjoy which included inflatable bouncy houses, waterslides, rides, games, and a petting zoo.  A stage hosted performances from different Kauai stars as well as live entertainment.


Petting Zoo

Free Family Event

A must do for all families visiting or residing on Kauai, this free family event is sponsored by the Family and Friends for Agricultural.

Free Pumpkins!

There were also vendors selling food, drinks and other local items and tons of free pumpkins for children who attend to take home.

At the event, you will see many local families with their pop up tents, chairs and wagons enjoying the festivities with one another.  Some of the families bring their own food and have picnics.  Many families simply take a seat on the grass where they can watch their children enjoy the free rides and entertainment.  It is also a nice event where you can talk story with many people you haven’t seen in awhile. The keiki get a chance to play with their friends and have opportunities to make new friends.

Fun in the Sun

Children should come dressed to get wet as there are water slides.  Parents should bring sunscreen and a source of shade as Waimea is usually sunny and hot.  Although trade winds provide some comfort, it is important to know that the lines that keiki or families have to stand in for rides, vendors, or for food, drinks or shave ice can be a generally long wait.  It is important that you keep your keiki and yourself hydrated.

sporting Kauai with Keiki gear

Since this is our fourth time to the event we were prepared and brought two large Hydro Flask water bottles and sunscreen to protect us from the sun.  We also brought our wagon (to save us from carrying the pumpkins and tired keiki).   Extra clothes for the kids as well as towels were needed. We knew they would be enticed to go on the large inflatable water slide. Bring cash if you wannt food, ice cream, or shave ice.


L.O.C.A.L. = Loving Our Community And Lifestyle

This a great chance for all the L.O.C.A.L.s to show their support and love for their community and lifestyle as well as something that you must do if you are on Kauai with Keiki!

Kekaha sunset with views of Niihau October 22, 2017

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The First Annual “Choy of Cooking” at the Koloa Landing Resort, Kauai Hawaii

Master chef Sam Choy hosts “Choy of Cooking” Event

Friday night October 20th, Koloa Landing Resort in Poipu hosted the first annual “Choy of Cooking” featuring master chef, restaurateur, and television personality Sam Choy. Choy is a local celebrity who specializes in Hawaiian regional cuisine.  As the guests from the 6:00 seating exited, crowds gathered at the entrance of the Holoholo grill awaiting seating for the 7:45 option. 

On this particular evening, there was a nice trade wind breeze with periodic trade showers.  This didn’t damper the mood or suede people from enjoying the event and ambiance. The raindrops ceased when Sam Choy greeted the crowd as he made a joke saying that he talked to the Gods and promised it would rain no more.  The Koloa Landing resort is a top notch property.  The Holoholo grill is set outside with covered and or outdoor open air seating.  Furthermore, the backdrop is the magnificent pool and the sounds of the cascading waterfall.  There was also entertainment featuring local muscians. 

Sam Choy was very personable as he mingled with the crowd greeting guests and taking photos. Once everyone was seated, he spoke to the crowd and then prepared his signature poke dish.

Let’s Eat!

The first course included chicken bites and the tako poke. 

Second, we had Choy’s famous Kauai Island salad.  The main course featured Kal bi short ribs served with bread pudding and macadamia nut panko crusted Island Style fish served with vegetable fried rice.

Lastly the dessert was a portion of three delicious treats, pumpkin crunch, sweet potato haupia pie, and pineapple cheesecake.

We were able to take home a recipe book signed by Sam Choy which included his signature recipes from the evening.  Overall it was a great evening and we look forward to doing it again!

Koloa Landing Resort is featured in our Hotels We Love Page

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Kukuiolono Park, Kalaheo

Looking Backwards at Forward Thinking

Understanding the history of the Kukuiolono Park will allow for a deeper appreciation of all that this park has to offer and what it represents.  Walter McBryde, a visionary and successful businessman gifted this 178 acre park to the people of Kalaheo and Kauai upon his death in 1930.  His wish was to have the park not only for the residents of Kalaheo, but surrounding communities.

Kukuiolono Park, Kalaheo

Walter McBryde’s burial site

 In 1907, McBryde purchased 346 acres at a public auction and then leased half of it to finance the maintenance of the other half. He built the park and added a golf course in 1928.  When McBryde who is buried at Kukuiolono died, he contributed his life savings to maintain this park.


Three Trademarks of Kukuiolono Park

There are three distinguishable things about this park that stand out.

1. Historical Picture Boards:

These pictures boards which are in the entrance to the gardens, in the pavilion and at the golf course clubhouse, pay tribute to McBryde and represent the historical significance of the area. These are from the archives of Kukuiolono, Kauai Museum, and community members.

2. Japanese and Hawaiian Gardens

The Japanese Tea Garden is full of statues, fountains, bonsai trees, and bridges. There is also a Hawaiian Rock garden depicting ancient artifacts and a meditation pavilion.

Meditation pavilion

3. The Pavilion

The Pavilion located ¼ mile from the parking lot up to the peak provides a secluded relaxing area to digest the surrounding peace and unprecedented sweeping views of Kauai’s southern and western shorelines. My son and I made the trek up, as he enjoyed running down the tree lined path just before reaching the pavilion.

Fun for Our Keiki and Visitors

The keiki always love a trip to Kukuiolono park to play in the gardens and to frolic in the open space.  Our family enjoy the safe, relaxing lush environment that this park provides.  The keiki enjoy feeding the chickens, and playing hide and go seek on the offbeat walking paths in the Japanese Tea garden as well as Hawaiian Rock Garden.   Hiding underneath the foot bridge to play out the three billy goats Gruff is always included. 

 Kukuiolono is one of the best places we like to take our children and guests.  It is a great place to take our visitors for a quick game of golf and a nice place to have a family picnic.  Kukuiolono park is one of those hidden gems on Kauai which locals and visitors alike can enjoy. Through the experience, you gain an appreciation to those of our past, such as Walter McBryde’s, who exercised forward thinking.  His vision can help us understand that we can also leave our legacies in our own communities.  Walter McBryde was loving our community and lifestyle, a true L.O.C.A.L.

Getting There

To reach Kukuiolono Park, head mauka, towards the mountains to the town of Kalaheo.  At the light, turn left onto Papalina Road.  The green sign for Papalina Road is undeniably bold and cannot be missed.  Turn right onto Puu Road and then a quick right for the front entrance to the park.  Pass through the stone archway which was constructed to honor Walter McBryde’s mother. You will travel up the path along a rock wall to the parking lot.  If you make a right right turn at the reindeer, before the parking lot, it will take you to Kukuiolono Golf Course clubhouse, (a 9-hole community golf course that is affordably priced).  There you will experience more sweeping views of Kauai’s southwestern side including a view of Kalaheo Coffee Plantation.




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Kauai Marathon Keiki Run

Today the Grand Hyatt Kauai hosted the 5th Annual Kauai Marathon Keiki Run. On the far ocean side lawn toddlers ages 2-4 completed a 100 yard dash as they chased a chicken mascot that marked the pace. It was a one quarter mile lap for the 5-7 year olds and the 8-12 year olds were challenged with a ½ mile run, which was two laps around the course.

Each of the age groups were divided into boys and girls. The chicken mascot ran with the 2-4 year olds, so when the 5-7 year olds lined up, I was surprised to see the chicken mascot (him or her?) again at the starting line. I guess my son will get to “chase the chicken” too which made the event fun for all the Keiki participating. Perseverance demonstrated, the Chicken mascot ran in every race.

What a great family event for the keiki as families gathered and cheered on all the participants as they crossed the finish line. My son was happy to race as all participants received a “medal” and a goodie bag. Inside the bag was a t-shirt, a keychain, bike safety information and a coupon for a free ice cream at Lapperts. It was definitely worth the registration fee.

Hotel Crashing: Is that a thing?

After the race, our family took a walk down by the beach and through the Grand Hyatt Kauai Property. This beautiful hotel and resort boosts a 50 acre oceanfront property.

 We checked out the beach; however conditions were hazardous today as red flags were being bustled by the winds.

We headed up on the path towards the hotel to the koi pond.

 We saw plethora of koi in the pond fronting Tidepools restaurant and the lone swan that makes its home in the tide pools (There is also a pond upon entering the hotel.) There is a casual poolside restaurant where they also serve shave ice drinks as well as food.

We continued to walk up the path to catch a view of the hotel pool.

Up through the lobby were vendors selling locally made products and macaws that welcome visitors in the main lobby. We passed many stores on our way to the grand ballroom where the Kauai Marathon Expo was being held. The meeting space was filled with local vendors and showcased all the information for the Kauai Marathon tomorrow. What a great family event for the Keiki to have their part in the annual Kauai Marathon. The whole experience was worthwhile and our ohana can’t wait to do it again next year!

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