The First Annual “Choy of Cooking” at the Koloa Landing Resort, Kauai Hawaii

Master chef Sam Choy hosts “Choy of Cooking” Event

Friday night October 20th, Koloa Landing Resort in Poipu hosted the first annual “Choy of Cooking” featuring master chef, restaurateur, and television personality Sam Choy. Choy is a local celebrity who specializes in Hawaiian regional cuisine.  As the guests from the 6:00 seating exited, crowds gathered at the entrance of the Holoholo grill awaiting seating for the 7:45 option. 

On this particular evening, there was a nice trade wind breeze with periodic trade showers.  This didn’t damper the mood or suede people from enjoying the event and ambiance. The raindrops ceased when Sam Choy greeted the crowd as he made a joke saying that he talked to the Gods and promised it would rain no more.  The Koloa Landing resort is a top notch property.  The Holoholo grill is set outside with covered and or outdoor open air seating.  Furthermore, the backdrop is the magnificent pool and the sounds of the cascading waterfall.  There was also entertainment featuring local muscians. 

Sam Choy was very personable as he mingled with the crowd greeting guests and taking photos. Once everyone was seated, he spoke to the crowd and then prepared his signature poke dish.

Let’s Eat!

The first course included chicken bites and the tako poke. 

Second, we had Choy’s famous Kauai Island salad.  The main course featured Kal bi short ribs served with bread pudding and macadamia nut panko crusted Island Style fish served with vegetable fried rice.

Lastly the dessert was a portion of three delicious treats, pumpkin crunch, sweet potato haupia pie, and pineapple cheesecake.

We were able to take home a recipe book signed by Sam Choy which included his signature recipes from the evening.  Overall it was a great evening and we look forward to doing it again!

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